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Wolf's Bane


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True Blood Mate 6

“I need you, Ian” ... Those words haunted Ian Kline, mostly because he had no idea who whispered them. Ian had been dreaming about him for weeks. Each night the dreams grew stronger, more alluring, and yet Ian could never quite see his lover's face...until someone arrived to challenge Ian for leadership of his coven.

Billy spent the majority of his life the pet of a coven leader. At night, he entered a fantasy world where his mate kept him safe from the horrors of his daily life. When his master challenges Ian Kline for leadership of his coven, Billy knows his duty and attacks, but it's a death offense to interfere in a challenge and that's exactly what Billy does when he kills the man that had held him prisoner for nearly twenty years

Recognizing that mating bond between them, Ian acts to bind them together and save his mate from execution. Keeping Billy out of trouble quickly becomes a full time job when someone from Billy's past tries break that bond. With misunderstandings and a new threat around every corner, Ian and Billy have their hands full just trying to hold on to each other. Staying alive might be impossible.

Erotic, Paranormal, Wolf Shifter, Vampire, M/M, Romance

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"Some of the evil that made the lives of previous main characters in this series impossible has survived – and it is up to Billy and Ian to deal with the perpetrators once and for all. And as important as the action needed to bring justice about is, it isn’t all that happens in this exciting installment of ‘True Blood Mate’. There is a personal side to the slave ring and living it through Billy’s eyes, as he is mistreated, that made it a very personal account. Ian wakes up to reality a little late and he makes more than one mistake – which just goes to show that vampire princes can be as human as the next guy... If you like stories about vampires whose lives are threatened by their own kind, if you enjoy reading about two men who encounter each other in their dreams before they can bond, and if you want to know how the villains from earlier volumes are finally brought to heel, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews



















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