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Erotic, Alternative, Contemporary, Cowboy, Elf, Fantasy, Futuristic, M/M, Ménage a Trois, Paranormal, Sci/Fi, Shifter, Suspense,  Vampire, Dragon, and Werewolf Romances
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Hello, I'm Stormy Glenn.  I'm a writer of Erotic, Contemporary, Elf, Fantasy, Futuristic, M/M, Ménage a Trois, Paranormal, Sci/Fi, Shifter, Suspense,  Vampire, and Werewolf Romances. I'm currently published with Siren Publishing. If you'd like to keep track of both my books and what might be coming up next, check out my blog or twitter or facebook page. Or you can join my yahoo group for updates, WIP, new covers, submissions, excerpts, or just to ask me questions.


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I want (insert book name) in kindle format. How long do I have to wait for it?

I have no control over when my books go to Amazon or any other third-party sites. The general rule is approximately 4-6 weeks after release at BookStrand. However, you do have the option of purchasing a title from BookStrand and having it sent directly to your Kindle or other reading device.

How do I send books to my Kindle from Bookstrand?

Directions on sending an eBook from Bookstrand to your Kindle or Kindle Fire can be found here:


Things are kind of stressful. We're all locked inside, sometimes with our families, sometimes alone. We're worried about the world, our world, and those we care about. Each day, the news has more bad news. It's enough to make someone want to scream.

So, I thought we could all do with a little pick-me-up. One person will be chosen at random to receive one of my series (all ebooks currently published in that series) of their choice. This contest will run from today Friday March 20, 2020 until next Friday March 27th.

To enter, you MUST leave a comment on the contest post on my fan page. The *Stormy Glenn Fan Page*.

Comments left here will not be counted.

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Crashing Into Forever

Hot Mess: Friends & Family 3

Angelo Delvecchio was a great friend. He'd make an even better lover. I was positive of it. I just had to get him to realize how good we could be together. When he invited me to spend the weekend at his house on the beach, I knew this was my opportunity to prove it.

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The Hawke and His Keeper

The Time Keeper Legacy 2

Dick Dickerson had one night of passion with Hawke. The sex was fantastic. Fan-tas-tic. And then the world might as well have ended. Hawke didn't want him. But boobs didn't always make a good mating. Before Dick could straighten Hawke out, he was attacked and the nightmares began.

Just Another Classic

Cade Creek 21

When Tony Garza saved him from an overzealous admirer, Lex found someone he really wanted to get to know better. Between get-togethers and endless phone calls, Lex felt they were truly on their way to something wonderful. Too bad someone else wanted to possess Lex.

The Behr and His Keeper

The Time Keeper Legacy 1

As the only heir to the Harrington legacy, Tom Harrington always knew he'd have to step one day and become the man his grandmother trained him to be. He just had no idea that there was a part of his family's legacy that he knew nothing about.

Street Rat

Hot Mess: Friends & Family 2

I was the head of the Irish mob in Chicago. That got me very few friends and even more enemies. When Danny's kidnapped, I learned I had more friends than I thought. I just don't know if we can rescue Danny before he becomes a victim to someone's plot to get to me.

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