Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
The Geek Squad
The Geek Squad Character Chart
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Operation Tango

Geek Squad1

They say a baby bird imprints on the first creature it sees when it's born. I wasn't a baby bird, but I had imprinted on Hank. When he disappeared, I was willing to go through hell to get him back.

Operation Foxtrot

Geek Squad 2

I wanted Sgt. Dennis Cooper to notice. I wanted him to see my pretty face and realize I could carrying on an intelligent conversation at the same time. I wanted him to want me the way I wanted him. It was frustrating when he didn't.

Operation Delta

Geek Squad 3

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Operation Bravo

Geek Squad 4

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Operation Alpha

Geek Squad 5

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