Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Beauty and His Beast

Saturian Trilogy 1

Someone is out to kill Jynx K'Vada and the only way he can protect himself is to buy a guardian beast, something he is loath to do. When he visits a lab and discovers a man being horribly abused, he buys him on the spot. He has no idea that he's just changed the entire course of his life.

Bay doesn't remember anything of his life past the last few weeks, and those had been filled with nothing but pain and rage. When a sweet smelling man rescues him from his horror, Bay knows protecting Jynx is more important than his life. The man was meant to be his.

With the continued attempts on Jynx's life, and someone hunting them, they have to figure out who is after them before it's too late, but doing so means solving a mystery neither of them are prepared for. It reaches beyond them and into the stars. 

Erotic, Paranormal, SciFi, M/M, Romance

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