Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Billionaire Boss




Silver Spoons Inc. 1

Working for billionaire Colton Knox is both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because the guy is a great boss. I'd been flown all over the world on his private jet and seen places I could only dream about, all on his dime. I'd met kings and queens, rubbed elbows with the socially elite, and been gifted with bonuses that would make most people swoon with envy.

It's a curse because my boss is drop dead, catch your breath, gorgeous from the top of his six foot three inch blonde head to the bottom of his perfectly formed feet. He has vivid blue eyes and a cocky grin that brought mortal men and women to their knees.

And he is woefully, horribly straight.

When someone attacks me in a bid to get to Knox, my life changes in ways I never could have imagined. When Knox announces to the world that he's gay and we're engaged, I don't know whether to strangle him or run for cover. My anger wars with my desire for the sexy man. I deserve better and Knox can't have me until he can prove this isn't just a publicity stunt.

Erotic, MM, Contemporary, Romance

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