Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Cowboy Christmas

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Blaecleah Brothers 7

Life has settled down for each of the Blaecleahs. They’ve all found their legends and are living a life filled with love and happiness. But anything worth having is worth fighting for and not even the luck of the Irish can keep the Blaecleahs from having to fight to keep what they have when the past comes back to haunt them all.

In order to save Ma and Da, they may have to decide who they want to keep in their family, and who they don’t before that choice is taken away from them by someone they never expected.

When violence threatens them, aid comes from an unusual source but will it be enough to keep the Blaecleahs in Cade Creek or will the life they have built for themselves disappear before their eyes?

Erotic, Cowboy, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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5 STARS: “Cowboy Christmas by Stormy Glenn is seventh in the Blaecleah Brothers series. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the Blaecleahs. The family ties and respect for each other is apparent throughout this series, and this story was no exception. I loved seeing what has transpired since their respective happily ever afters. Ms. Glenn let us revisit them and threw in a couple of twists. I loved that is was not as simple as showing us what happened next. We saw a new aspect of Ma and Da. How did they survive and what did they endure to be together? You could better appreciate why they were so accepting of each of their sons. I loved seeing that their love survived trials and tribulations and being together had costs and consequences. It made me appreciate the strength of their love and respect that much more. I also enjoyed the fact that although each brother was happy together, Ms. Glenn did not make their happily ever after without problems. We got to see the desire for a child, and the struggle against prejudice. We got to see Ruben’s fears as his daughter’s maternal grandparents want to be a part of their granddaughter’s life. We got to see yet again how this family pulls together in support when needed. Ms. Glenn reminded us with this story, what family is and means. She reminded us why we love the Blaeclaehs. And I for one enjoyed the reminder and the story.” -– Titania, Manic Reader Reviews

















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