Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Dangerous Desires

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Tri Omega Mates 7

Siro Castilian works undercover in the hunter militia. When he learns of a mission to wipe out his mate’s entire pack, he races to warn Conner McGregor in time. But Conner doesn’t believe Siro about them being mates and shoots him.

Conner McGregor wants to believe the hunter that warns him about the impending attack, but everyone knows that mates are found by scent and Siro doesn’t have the mate scent. The hunter has to be lying.

Yuri Miroslav is enraged when he tracks down his mate and finds him shot and bleeding. He has to help him escape the hunters before he can prove to the man that they are mates. Even then he can’t claim Siro because the man is a Tri Omega and their other mate is not only dangerous, he’s a McGregor, and the McGregor pack can’t be trusted.

When Siro, Yuri, and Conner come together, it’s dangerous for all of them. If they can learn to stand together instead of alone, they might have a chance of living through the mess they are pulled into. If not, they are in danger of losing more than their lives. They are in danger of losing each other.

Erotic Paranormal, Werewolves, M/M/M, Male Ménage a Trois Romance

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4.5 KISSES: “Ms. Glenn gives us a story where communication, as well as trust, is integral ingredients. She allowed each man to accept that scent alone did not a relationship make. This story was filled with humor, intimacy and emotional growth. I am a fan of this series and was quite satisfied with the addition of this story.” – Tangie, Two Lips Reviews























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