Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Millionaire Voir Dire




Silver Spoons Inc. 4


Over the last few months, I had watched each of my bosses fall and love and start families of their own, something I wanted more than I wanted air. With one bad marriage behind me, I was terrified to try again until Dalton texted the wrong number and gave me the courage to reach for what I wanted. Now, if I could save him from a madman, I might have the chance at the happy ever after I'd been dreaming about.



One wrong number and my life was changed forever. Andrew came into my life and opened my eyes to the possibility that there was more out there than dancing on a stage. I wasn't ashamed of the fact that I was an exotic dancer. I worked hard, I wasn't breaking any laws, and I made decent money. It was just too bad someone else wanted to make money off of me and didn't ask me first. If I can't escape, the life I'd started to dream about was going to disappear, just like me.

Erotic, MM, Contemporary, Romance

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