Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Waiting For Him

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Hot Mess: Friends & Family 2


I was the head of the Irish mob in Chicago. That got me very few friends and even more enemies. With the DEA breathing down my neck, figuring out who's hijacking my shipments of merchandise is made all that much harder. It's not until Danny is kidnapped that I learned I had more friends than I thought I did. I just don't know if we can rescue Danny before he becomes a victim to someone's plot to get to me.


Patty Flannigan has been my hero since he rescued me from the streets when I was a teenager. Over the years, that hero worship turned into something stronger. I've watched a string of boy toys move through Patty's life at an alarming rate and I don't want to become just another notch on his bedpost. I want something more meaningful, but proving to Patty I could be an asset to him becomes harder than I was prepared for when I'm kidnapped in a plot to get to Patty.

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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Release Date: Available November 28th!
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