Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
The Vampire's Rogue

Vampire Chronicles 6

Finding out they were mates was easy. Staying alive may not be.

Dr. Nero Webster just wanted to treat the people. He didn't care about tribe politics. It was the one motivating factor for becoming a rogue vampire. When offered the chance to join a tribe, he wavered, not wanting to take sides in the war that seemed to be starting between vampires. When he finds the blood being donated to his clinic contaminated with a substance that could harm vampires across the world, he may not have a choice, especially when someone comes after him.

Dietrich was a sentry and he took his duty to his tribe very seriously. When he is ordered by his prince to guard the good doctor, he has no idea he's about to meet his rajaaka. The threats to Nero increase and Dietrich is forced to do something he hates doing. He has to actually speak to people to discover why his mate is being stalked, except it may not be that easy. Someone is working from behind the scenes to destroy the peace vampires have known for decades. If they don't figure out who it is, their world might be destroyed.

Erotic, Paranormal, Vampire, M/M, Romance
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