Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Tre's Temptations


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Scent of a Mate 8

Tre Marshall never wanted to be alpha of Blackthorn Pride, but he was assigned the position by the Feline Council. Neck deep in a messed up pride, Tre never dreamed he would find not one mate, but two. Dennis and Nyle come into his life, they end up being a temptation Tre can't resist.

Dennis has already spent too many years being told what to do. When he finds himself mated to an alpha, he has to wonder if fate is laughing at him. When he discovers that the man who has been stalking him is also his mate, he knows fate is insane.

Nyle Frasier knew Dennis was his mate the moment they met, but the gorgeous redhead denies him at every turn. Worse yet, Dennis runs from him. When Nyle discovers that the new pride alpha is also his mate, and that the man is protecting Dennis from him, Nyle realizes that his actions might have seemed overbearing and goes about trying to prove he is a worthy mate to both men.

When danger arrives on their doorstep, they have to work together to end the threat to their mating. Along the way, they will discover a mystery that threatens every shifter alive, but before they can solve it, they have to keep each other alive, and that's not easy when they don't know where the threat is coming from.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shifter, MMM, Romance

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"The focus of this eighth book in the ‘Scent of a Mate’ series is Tre, another one of the many Marshall brothers who is struggling to find his feet now that the evil Alpha Aldo Marshall is out of the picture. But as much as the cruel bast*rd is dead, the consequences of what he did are still affecting many people, and some of the men and women he worked with are trying to maintain his legacy. Blackthorn Pride is still in disarray and Tre, much against his wishes, has been assigned as their alpha by the Feline Council...If you like stories about unwilling alphas who find out they have two mates, if you’re up for a suspenseful story full of threats, secrets, and violence, and if you’re looking for an action-packed read that is as intense as it is hot, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews


















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