Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Happy's Joy

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Cade Creek 19

Happy and Marc have been together for a couple of years and things are going good for them. Once they bring a puppy into the family, Happy starts to wonder if they need to expand their family. He's positive Marc would make an excellent father, even if he's a little unsure if he would himself.

Deputy Marc Walker had no idea when he rescued Joy that she would come to mean so much to him and Happy. She was the little girl he had always dreamed about, and she was in need of his protection and the love of life only Happy could provide.

When someone comes for Joy, Marc has to decide if giving Joy up is the best thing for her or if it will destroy the sweet little girl he has come to adore. He'll need to call in his friends and co-workers to help keep her safe while they figure out who is after her.

Erotic, Cowboy, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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5 HEARTS: "I came across this author a few years back and have always been a big fan. She gives you a mix of emotions that makes your heart swell and you lips lift into a big smile. However she will also have you in tears and wanting to rip someone apart. This story makes what one young man go through to give forward what he has learned since he had been rescued. The story gives you love, joy, excitement, danger and so much more that will in the end give you one good story. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end. I had a blast reading this and can guarantee that it will be read more than once. I can also guarantee that you will love the characters and their story quite a bit. Just make sure you have your tissues handy." -- Lisa, MM Good Book Reviews


"This is #19 in the Cade Creek series. This novella brings us the story of Happy and Marc. There have been a couple stories in this series that features these characters and I can definitely understand why. Happy is probably the sweetest and most beloved  character in the series. I know that he’s definitely my favorite Cade Creek resident... The story flows along nicely and predictably but that’s okay because I love my HEA endings. These stories in the series are short but packs quite a punch in each one. This one warmed my heart a bit more because it’s Happy’s finding more and more of his bliss. And to see Happy’s character living his best life makes me…happy." -- Kimberly, Love Bytes Book Reviews


















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