Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Picture Perfect Lies

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Cade Creek 20

Senator Wilson Khor II came to Cade Creek to meet the son he'd never known he had. He didn't expected to meet the man of his dreams. When someone starts digging up secrets from his past, keeping his political career may be the least of his problems. It could cost him the man he's falling in love with.

Jayden Grant had one job. Dig up dirt on Senator Wilson Khor II. Finding out why he was in Cade Creek was just part of the deal. Falling for the senator was not. Yet, Jayden found himself pretending to be someone else just to spend more time with the handsome man. But lies have a way of catching up to people and Jayden is no different. He just has to hope Wilson will still want him when the dust settles.

Erotic, Cowboy, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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"All the books in the ‘Cade Creek’ series are close to my heart, but I have to say that ‘Picture-Perfect Lies’ with all its humor, surprises, and shenanigans on multiple levels is especially delightful. The focus is squarely on Wilson, a senator who comes to visit his recently discovered son in Cade Creek, and Jayden, the reporter who is told to “dig up dirt” on the senator – and both of them are characters I fell in love with from the start. But the guys from previous books are back in force, as is usual in the Cade Creek family, and I immensely enjoyed seeing what they were up to. There are entertaining moments galore, some very hot loving, and more surprises (good and bad) than I expected in such a relatively short novella. Totally worth reading!... If you like Cade Creek and everyone who lives there, if you want to find out more about its two newest inhabitants, and if you’re looking for a charming read that is amusing, suspenseful, and has quite a few twists and turns, then you will probably like this novella as much as I do. I think it’s in the top five stories of this series." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews



























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